NEW Revlon

Jade Facial Roller

Cool and DePuff



Facial rolling has been a beauty ritual in Asia since ancient times to cool the skin, reduce puffiness and improve blood circulation. Physically, it can also help to cool, de-puff and enhance the look of skin through gentle massage. Our jade roller features two unique stones, one large and one small, for easy maneuvering as well as a customized handle for better grip.

How to use:
Roll the Jade roller over face in an upward motion to applying makeup, or at the end of the day after makeup removal. Can also be stored in the refrigerator for a cooling effect, or run under warm water prior to rolling for a soothing, warm facial massage.


  • The perfect at-home solution to help with puffy skin
  • Use as part of your everyday regime for best results
  • For added cooling effect, store in refrigerator
  • For a warm and soothing massage, place roller under warm running water for a few seconds
  • Made from real jade stone
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Revlon Lifetime Guarantee against manufacturing defects