NEW Revlon Salon Color™ delivers salon quality colour that lasts up to a full 8 weeks and leaves hair looking and feeling nourished and healthy.

Revlon Color Booster Kit™ included for weeks 3 and 6 to make day one colour and shine last!

Premium Colouration

Designed by our colour experts, this formula utilises the same hair dyes as salons to deliver rich, radiant colour and brilliant shine.

Nourishing Formula

Nourishment in every step! Our exclusive Extreme Care Complex helps recover the hair’s lipid layer, acting like a mask to care for your hair while you colour. Includes a multi-use conditioner that leaves hair feeling soft, tangle-free, and looking silky.

Fight the Fade!

Revlon Color Booster Kit™ is specifically formulated for your shade to provide rich and radiant colour - just like day one! Use weeks 3 and 6 to boost your colour, care and shine.

Salon Quality Colour At Home




1. How does permanent hair colour work?
A strand of hair is made up of: 1. Cuticle: Outer layer of hair shaft that works as a protective layer. 2. Cortex: Main part of hair shaft that holds in moisture. (Hair colour is determined by the melanin pigment particles embedded in the cortex.) 3. MEDULLA: Innermost layer and core of hair shaft. A permanent hair colourant will penetrate the Cuticle layer; the hydrogen peroxide reacts with the natural hair's melanin, lightening the hair’s natural colour. The oxidative dyes in the hair colour will then penetrate the hair's cortex and react with hydrogen peroxide to dye hair.

2. What is the Extreme Care Complex and how does it work?
Our colouration features a breakthrough EXTREME CARE COMPLEX which is madeup of 4 conditioning agents that help recover your hair’s lipid layer. While the hair colour mixture is on your hair, your cuticle is open and your hair is in a state where it is more likely to interact with external agents. These agents deliver a number of benefits including: forming a film around the cuticle to help recover the lipidic layer, helping close the cuticle when you rinse off the formula (locking in moisture!), and leaving your hair looking shiny!

3. What is the Revlon Color Booster and how do I use it?
This is our not-so-secret weapon! The Revlon Color Booster Kit™ includes a Color Booster that is specifically formulated for your shade and fights the fade by revitalizing colour and shine! The Kit is in a separate box for your convenience and includes a Booster tube and two extra pairs of gloves...just store it until you are ready. We recommend you use it the third and sixth week after colouring your hair. Just replace your conditioner with the Color Booster, leave it on for three minutes, and rinse out - your hair colour will look rich and radiant, just like day 1. This only works on previouisly coloured hair and will not colour any new regrowth.

4. How often should I colour my hair?
By using the Color Booster week 3 and 6 post-colouration, you will revive its colour and shine, just like day 1! However, this Booster does not colour new regrowth. That said, how frequently you need to colour your hair will depend on a number of factors, including: how fast your hair grows, how many greys you have and how obvious your roots are. The typical time in between permanent all-over hair colour treatments is between 6-8 weeks but you could choose to use Revlon Salon color to cover up your roots ~3-4 weeks when your roots are showing! Refer to your instruction sheet for the root touch-up directions!


Before you colour

1. What should I do to prepare for the hair colour application
For optimal colour results, we recommend that your hair be dry, unwashed and detangled. Make sure to read the directions thoroughly and complete the allergy and patch test. In terms of what items to have with you: Petroleum Jelly/Moisturizer (apply it along your hairline, ears and nape of your neck to prevent staining), Towel (preferably a dark one to cover your shoulders) and any tools that you may prefer! The applicator bottle can be a great way to apply hair colour but some people prefer a bowl and brush. If your hair is very thick and long, we also recommend that you have two boxes handy to ensure that you have enough!

2. How to understand the timing direction (read instruction sheet)
The time starts once you have completed applying your hair color. Revlon Salon hair color is formulated to open and close the cuticle naturally over a time period that is long enough for you to complete your application. Don't worry, a bit of a longer exposure time in some areas won't impact the end colour and if you have grey hairs on your t-zone, it will help you cover them properly.

3. Deciding between root touch up or all-over application
If it is the first time you use Revlon Salon color, it is recommended that you do an all-over application to ensure beautiful all-over colour results. Then, when it's time to colour your hair again, you can follow the root touch-up directions or all-over, based on your preferences and colouring needs.

4. Sectioning hair
Sectioning the hair into four (or more/or fewer) can be helfpul as you can focus on one section at a time. It is a good strategy for either an all-over application or a root touch-up - whatever you need!


1. How to apply permanent hair colour to ensure an even result
The simplest and most efficient way to apply your hair colour is by starting at your hairline. If you have grey roots, they tend to be the ones you want to cover the most (and sometimes, are the most pesky). Focus on fully saturating this area and pay special attention to your roots on the back of your head - those can be hard to reach! Then, depending on if you are doing an all-over application or just touching up your roots, follow the respective directions.

2. How to colour the back of your head
This is likely going to be the most challenging portion as you cannot easily see your progress. The simplest way would be focus on one section at a time and use tip of the developer bottle to fully saturate your hair. Once you feel that you've fully saturated the back of your head with the hair colour, it is recommended that you massage your hair with your gloved hands to ensure that the hair colour has covered the entire area!

3. How to best address stubborn greys
Depending on your hair texture (thickness), grey hair can be more difficult to cover. Often times, grey hair looks and feels slightly thicker than your non-greys due to a higher precense of keratin and less hydration, requiring a longer exposure time. We recommend leaving the mixture on for an additional five minutes


1. When should I use the Revlon Color Booster?
About three weeks after women colour their hair, some find that their hair is no longer as vibrant and shiny as it was right after they coloured. It is this reason that we developed a Booster formula that revitalizes colour and shine, so that it looks just like it did on day 1! For optimal maintenance, it is recommended that you use the booster at week 3 and week 6 post colouring. This only works on previously coloured hair and will not colour any new regrowth.

2. How to make your hair colour last
The duration of your hair colour is dependant on many factors. However, we do recommend that you follow these tips to protect your colour and shine: wait two days after you colour your hair to shampoo, shampoo your hair less frequently (and when you do, try sulfate-free shampoo), use cool or warm water when shampooing, limit sun exposure and try to not use too many styling tools (heat is not hair colour's friend).