Blends makeup for an impeccable finish

Your pocket-size makeup pro! The silicone side of our face sponge glides on liquids and creams, while the fabric side blends them beautifully.
  • You get two makeup sponges in one with our dual-sided dynamo: silicone and fabric
  • Flexible silicone spreads liquid and cream makeup across skin evenly, without absorbing any product—so none is wasted
  • The velvety-soft fabric side blends it all in for a truly flawless finish
  • Our makeup sponge's diamond shape lets you easily maneuver around the contours of your face, and its long-lasting materials are easy to clean
  • Bonus: You can also use the silicone side of our facial sponge to smooth on face masks, moisturizers, and the rest of your skin care
  • Pump or scoop out a small drop of liquid or cream makeup on the back of your hand, then dab the silicone side of the sponge in it
  • Spread the makeup across your face using circular motions and occasionally tap it onto your skin to help the formula go on evenly
  • Once you've finished applying, flip the tool over to the fabric side, then lightly press and roll the makeup blender sponge along any areas that need smoothing and perfecting
  • Gently swipe the fabric sponge along your jawline and hairline to blend away the edges of your makeup
  • To clean our makeup sponge, wash with mild soap and rinse thoroughly with water

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