How To Micro Liner

Become a master fine liner with our NEW Colorstay Micro Easy Precision Liner.

Step 1

Starting at the corner of your eyelid, drag the tip of the eyeliner across your lash line, finished where your lashes end on the outer corner. If you prefer a thicker line, draw a second line above the first.

Step 2

To achieve a winged eye, angle the tip of your eyeliner on a 45 degree angle in between your tear duct and end of your brow.

Step 3

Once happy with the angle of your first wing line, draw a second line above the first (along the last third of your lashes), then colour in the empty space for a thicker line.

Step 4

Repeat the same steps on the other eye, touch up any spots and voila! You've got yourself a fierce winged eye - tag us @revlonanz in your fierce liner looks!