Because tweezers can only take you so far…

Even the best set of tweezers need an assist. Our scissor and brush set helps you with trimming, tweezing, and maintaining perfect eyebrows.
  • Our eyebrow-shaping scissors cut cleanly and precisely, every time 
  • Our spoolie brush is multifunctional: It guides brows while grooming, blends after filling, and brushes every hair into place 
  • Bonus! The scissors are sharp enough to trim mustaches and beards
  • When trimming your brows, comb your eyebrow hairs up with the spoolie brush and hold them in place as you then use your eyebrow scissors to snip at only the longest hairs
  • Now's not the time to be a perfectionist: You don't want all the hairs to be the same length, so stagger your snips as you go

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