Blackout (301)
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Blackout (301)
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Get micro lines, and maximum impact with a 0.1mm tip liner.
  • The high-intensity formula glides on smoothly with ease, delivering maximum levels of pigment for intense one-stroke payoff
  • The tapered ergonomic handle allows for an easy-to-use and controlled application
  • The formula has a 24-hour wear claim for quick-drying lines that stay on without smudging and fading. As well as this, it is waterproof, smudge-proof, sweat-proof, transfer-proof and fadeproof
  • Easily removable with just soap and warm water
  • Starting at the corner of your eyelid, drag the tip of the eyeliner across your lash line, finished where your lashes end on the outer corner. If you prefer a thicker line, draw a second line above the first
  • To achieve a winged eye, angle the tip of your eyeliner on a 45- degree angle in between your tear duct and end of your brow

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