One tool that defines eyes and brows

Multitask with this eyeliner, brow, and spoolie brush in one.
  • Our dual-ended eyeliner and eyebrow brush helps you do your makeup faster—because of fewer brush changes
  • The angled eyebrow brush is the perfect size and shape for filling in brows with powder, or applying cream or powder eye shadow along your lash lines
  • The spoolie brush end also shapes brows and gets rid of any mascara clumps
  • Our eye makeup brushes have an antibacterial coating to help keep them clean
  • Made with vegan, synthetic bristles that are kind to all skin types
  • Tested by makeup artists

  • To fill in your brows like a pro, first brush them up using the spoolie brush
  • Next, dip the slanted eyebrow makeup brush into your brow powder, then lightly sweep the brush through your brows in the direction of hair growth, using short strokes; start at the inner part of your eyebrow and arch, then do the tail  
  • Once you’re done, comb through your brows again with the spoolie brush to distribute powder evenly and create a natural-looking finish
  • To use the angled brush as an eyeliner brush, clean off any leftover brow powder, then dip the edge of the brush into a powder or cream eye shadow; trace the edge of the brush along your top or bottom lash lines for a soft, smoky look
  • You can also sweep the spoolie brush through your lashes immediately after applying mascara to fan out the hairs and remove clumps

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