2-in-1 nail file that expertly shapes and smooths

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Coated with a patented Anti-Bacterial Finish, the Revlon Bacteria Protect Glass Nail File smooths and gently files nails while preventing breakage and splitting.
  • 2-in-1 expertly shapes and smooths
  • Coated with Patented Anti-Bacterial Finish
  • Non-absorbent glass files resist bacteria
  • Promotes nail health by helping to prevent splitting and breakage
  • Smooths and gently files nails with comfort, ease & efficiency
  • Can be used in both directions
  • Tipped edge helps clean under nail
  • Can be sterilized by placing in sunlight or UV light for 2 hours
  • Does not corrode, rust, rot & become unhygienic like other files
  • Suitable for sensitive nails and skin
  • High-quality glass lasts for years
  • Before filing, be sure your nails are completely dry, to avoid damage and peeling.
  • Use the rougher side of file to do the actual shaping, then turn it over to smooth the edges.
  • Can be used in both directions to file nails. 

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