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Our specially crafted pedicure kit helps ease the pain of ingrown toenails. The file lifts nail edges, while the nail nipper cleanly cuts.
  • Our dual-ended tool has a pointed tip that helps release ingrown nails, with a file on the other end to smooth away rough edges
  • The nail nipper then gets in there and does the detail work, effectively clipping through even tough toenails
  • These essential pedicure tools are titanium-coated for strength and durability
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Revlon Lifetime Guarantee™
  • Gently lift up the ingrown toenail using the arrowhead end of the long, skinny tool
  • Then carefully place the nail-nipper blades under the nail and gently cut out the ingrown portion at a straight angle
  • Use the file end of the skinny tool to smooth any rough edges

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