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Smoother, glowing skin is just a wave of the wand away. Made with real diamonds, our microdermabrasion wand eliminates dead skin cells for a brighter complexion. Plus, it helps your skincare products absorb more easily, and makeup glide on more smoothly.
  • This exfoliating wand is designed with medium fine diamond grit so you can get rid of dead skin cells effectively, without being too rough
  • You control the intensity. Choose how much pressure to apply on the wand and the number of strokes across any area. The more pressure and strokes, the deeper the exfoliation
  • The curved handle makes it super simple to hold and control, and the wand’s rounded edge gets into those hard-to-reach areas of the face
  • You’ll love the added benefits of exfoliation: your favourite skin care products will absorb more easily, your cosmetics will glide on with ease, and you’ll glow!
  • The wand is convenient for portable, on-the-go exfoliation, no matter where your travels take you
  • No messy cords, batteries, or replacement parts. It’s re-usable and easy to wash, too 
  • Get glowing in three easy steps:
  • Step 1: Wet the wand with water. Hold with one hand and use your other hand to hold your skin taut
  • Step 2: Starting with the right side of your face, swipe using short continuous strokes and gentle pressure on the center of the face outwards. Remember, don’t swipe back and forth. This can cause irritation
  • Step 3: Repeat on the left side of your face
  • To clean, use soap and warm water, and allow to dry after each use
  • Pro tip: we like to use our Microdermabrasion Wand in the shower for clean, smooth, glowing skin

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