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This half jaw cuticle nipper is ideal for petite cuticles and delicate areas. Its precision-crafted blades trim cleanly and safely.
  • Our half jaw cuticle cutter trims excess cuticles and makes hangnails a memory
  • Precision-crafted blades deliver safe, clean snips without pulling or tugging
  • The half jaw means this cuticle nipper is great for those with petite fingers—and anyone with, you know, a pinky finger or a particularly tricky hangnail
  • First, activate the spring: With the handles slightly open, rotate the inside lever 180 degrees so that the curved end touches the inside of the opposite handle
  • Hold the nipper handles in the palm of your hand with the blade side touching the cuticle or hangnail to be removed; squeeze the handles together to nip
  • This cuticle nipper was not designed for clipping nails—so stick to using it on cuticles and hangnails

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