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Bring some Barbie style to your home manicure with a nail clipper that’s equally pretty and precise
  • For your next at-home manicure, level up your Barbie™ style with a black and pink nail clipper that trims nails and makes nail care more fun
  • This sharp-edged nail cutter clips so cleanly that you barely have to file the edges (though it also has a foldaway file if you do get the urge)
  • Bonus! The built-in file works as a shaper and smoother, plus it gently cleans under your nails for gunk-free hands
  • Safety first—our carefully designed nail clipper has contoured handles for a firm grip and curved blades for safe clipping
  • For the best shape, use the nail clipper to cut from each side of the nail toward the center
  • Hold the nail clipper in your dominant hand
  • Clip nails from each side toward the center
  • Use a nail file to smooth out any jagged edges

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